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▅ ▆ ▇ وبلاگـــــ قـــــرن بیـــــست و یـــــکُم ▇ ▆ ▅

وبلاگ قرن بیست و یکم، وبلاگی برای تمامی سلیقه هاست.


The Cap-Seller and The Monkeys

Once, there was a cap-seller in a town. On one fine day, he was selling caps:

"Caps, caps, caps … Five rupees caps, ten rupees caps …"

After he made few sales of caps, he became very tired. He decided to sit under a big tree to take rest for a while. Soon, he slept off.

There were many monkeys on the big tree. They saw the cap-seller was sleeping under the tree. The monkeys were sitting on the top of the tree. The monkeys came down, took the caps from the cap-seller-bag and wore them. Then they climbed the tree again. 

When the cap seller woke up, he was shocked to see his basket empty. He searched for his caps. To his surprise, he saw the monkeys were wearing them. He found that monkeys were imitating him. So, he started throwing his cap down and the monkeys also did so. The cap-seller collected all the caps, put them back in his basket and went away happily.

Wisdom is better than weapons of war.

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